My friends wanted me to slap color on a doodle I did while watching the LCS so heyy gotta love the new Sion :y


just lined a thing I did on the bottom of my notes this morning


"See ya in Ascension" 


"I’ll bring the sky to you if that’s what you want!"


for RP stuff, I still like it so it belong on this blog

Some of my fave doodles done during the last few weeks for RP purpose, fun peep.


"Lu…lu I think you should come back once I’m done with the grey stranger and his weird game





// This is the best one XDDDDDD 



for rp blogo

doodoodle with the color palette thing going around, the scrubs and I like to headcanon stuff or talk lore about our main while playing.. probably gonna rework that design eh

tiny contribution to the #Third Wheel Riven

Collab with Dan since we finished the first chap. of LoF with some friends I said “They should go to the beach like they do in the anime” and he did it ahah, I colored, cleaned and edited the rest. Here we are our little group enjoying the sun.


Rat Paladin for Dan with my orc Berseker, our current Pathfinder’s character for the quest Legacy of Fire we do each Friday at a friend place since 3 months.

huge and tiny friend

eh…. I’ve been trying

old wip of a leech, going to finish for school